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Sought after throughout time, prized by kings and common man alike, called the "Gem of Gems…."

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum.

Which makes up not only Ruby but also Sapphire when it’s true blue in color.

Historically ruby has been the symbol of love and passion and believed to ensure the beauty of the wearer. Today it is the birthstone of the month of July, ruby’s red color ranges for purplish red to yellowish red. The most valuable color though is a vivid, almost pure red with a slight undertone of blue to improve visual depth and beauty. This color today is found in prized stones from Burma a region of Southeast Asia.

Ruby is one of the most durable and wearable of the gemstones used in Jewelry. With a Moh’s hardness of (9), the only gem harder is the diamond at Moh’s (10).

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